Private Containers

Under all the bullshit stories, the masks, all the conditioning….what’s under that? ⁣

Yep, it is the highest version of you, your authentic self.


⁣You have the ability to tap in and embody your highest expression NOW.⁣

⁣You have the power to give it permission and allow it to guide you right now. ⁣You have the alchemy to heal yourself right now.⁣

Through creating a sacred foundation, shadow work, energy clearing and boundaries, energy healing, movement, connection and pleasure as a multidimensional being. ⁣These parts of you vibrate with the universe, where are you vibrating that is creating your current reality?⁣

⁣Connection to this highest version of you is the bridge in your healing work, manifesting, creation, embodiment and your mission on this planet.⁣

She is ready to work with you. ⁣With out that divine connection, we find ourself running in circles.⁣Giving your power away.⁣Feeling lost and unsure what your path is. ⁣What if you stop?

Take a breath, call in your highest self right now ask, if you’re ready for deep healing and support? If you get a FULL body FUCK yes, tune into that.

It knows what’s next…

-Desire to get in touch with and embody your authentic nature

-Wonder if you will ever feel “good enough”

-Feel frequently “burnt out”

-Live on “repeat” with relationships and patterns

-Desire more magick, joy, fun, play, and BLISS in your life

-Want to heal your nervous system and its responses

-Want to involve more breath, movement, and mindfulness into your life

Together we create a custom channeled experience for your needs and goals. This offering is for the one that is ready to dive deep into the depths with me and confront the limiting beliefs and programing that are keeping you stuck.

It is for the womban ready to learn and embody the self healing tools that are already within her.

This experience takes full presence from us both. It is sacred, transformational and intimate.


We start by healing and releasing any distortions in your life and energetic field.

Together we work to identify the root causes of suffering and imbalances.

Traumatic wounds and patterns begin to heal, boundaries grow stronger and triggers/challenging emotions are more easily and peacefully navigated.


From this new foundation of balance, the activation process begins.

By replacing limiting beliefs with desired outcomes and later by an activation of your own deep inner knowing, inherent abilities, and spiritual gifts.


Once you’re awakened to your gifts, an anchoring, integration and embodiment begins.

You will deepen your sense of worthiness and purpose, transcending victimhood and stepping into a new role as authentic, empowered creator.

The completion of this process leads to a powerful soul alignment and embodiment that allows you to open fully as a channel for divine energy to flow through.

You continue to create and manifest your deepest desires, live your highest calling, and inspire others to do the same with ease and grace.