Mystic Sacred Space Experience



Please, bring an intention for your session. This is important to feel into this BEFORE you come so the universe can begin to meet you. If you’re unsure, I can help you.

The more clear on your intention, the more you will get out of this time.

Please message me before your session if you need support with this. 

It is important to leave expectations at the door. Healing is not linear and it takes time. You didn’t get here over night, so be gentle with yourself and expectations. Things may come up that won’t always make sense in the moment, TRUST it.

We sit/lay ceremony style for these experiences (often on the ground). If we are outdoors I will have chairs available. If you want to lay down, please bring your own yoga mat. So, please come to your experience in cozy clothes and let me know of any limitations before so I can support you best.

I work with multiple healing modalities and plant medicines. I will always as you for consent prior to using anything I am guided. As a trauma informed practitioner, it is important to me, that you know you always have a choice and I will always encourage you to TRUST your own intuition FIRST.

You can always participate with or with out the plant support and still have a beautiful experience.

Read more about plant common medicines I work with such as Cacao & Hapè here.

The sound part of the journey, particularly the alchemy bowls can calibrate our vibrations to harmonize the mind, body and soul. There are often multiple sacred sound tools used for the journey.

Healing is an investment mentally, emotionally, and physically. If at any time I feel what would support you best, is NOT in my scope of practice, please know, I will guide you to resources for this. 

For now, thank you for your trust! I am so excited to connect with you! Below are the directions to the Mystic Studio. 

Please be sure you are prompt.



A few things to bring:

-Any sacred items you would like, crystals, photos, feathers, anything you want to make your own altar in the space as we drop in.


-A pen and journal

-Create space to unplug ( no phones please)

A few other things:

Eat your last meal/food about 2 hours prior to ceremony, it creates space for the cacao if you are consuming.

Please note, taking some medications and consuming cacao can make you sick! Use caution if you are on any prescription medications. Always ask your doctor if you have questions.

Please come sober.


5723 N. 4350 W. Cedar City, UT 84721


Mystic Sacred space DOES come up on google maps but here are details in case you need them.

Please come to the first driveway for indoor events and the second drive way for outdoor events.

-Leaving Cedar City head west on 200 North (HWY 56) towards Lund Hwy

– Make a right hand turn onto Lund Hwy and proceed to Midvalley Road (4800 North) turn left onto Midvalley road.

-Head west on mid valley to 4300 west then turn right onto 4300 west. ( this is a bumpy dirt road)

-Go to T intersection and turn left and then first right onto 4350 West.

-Continue down 4350 west until you see signs to driveway entrance (The first drive way is for the studio and main house ( white farm style home with black roof) and second driveway is for the outdoor space) Park anywhere there is space.