Mystic energy and hair

Feel Activated


At Mystic, Together we create a custom channeled experience for your desires with every experience.

We intentionally co-create Healing Magick.

In this private sanctuary, surrounded by nature, you will receive hands on healing touch, Transformative hair creations, Energetic Cleansing and Clearing, Sound therapy, Crystal Infused healing, Aroma therapy, Oracle cards, and enjoyment of heart opening Cacao or Tea.

Private Hair services range from custom Cuts and Specialty Color offerings that include single process highlights and specialty colors, suited to you as an individual, each infused with intention and healing.

Energy healing is shown to increase relaxation, decrease stress, tension, anxiety and promotes and over all sense of peace.

These powerful modalities dance together, leaving you feeling balanced, peaceful, beautiful, empowered and deeper activated into your highest expression.

Intentional Healing Touch energy therapy is included with every service if you desire. Extended or stand alone offerings are also available at booking.

I’m CheyAnne, Mystic & Conscious Stylist

I am devoted to giving my soul mate clients a mind, body (hair) and soul experience while working with me.

During a healing hair service with me you can look forward to building an empowering inner dialogue about your beauty, experiencing a deep sense of relaxation through Healing Touch energy therapy, and a hairstyle that is in alignment with and an expression of who you are and who you are becoming.

As an embodied channel with over 20+ years of experience working for top industry brands behind the chair as a master colorist, educator and multiple healing modalities, I am so honored to serve in this way.

This is the experience you want for a simple, yet profound cut to achieve the look you’re desiring. You will experience an intentional consultation, relaxing shampoo infused with your intentions, aroma therapy, hands on healing, trim/cut and full style.

You will leave with feeling lighter, a powerful inner dialogue and overall sense of peace.

This offering is recommended if you plan to remove 3+ inches of hair. We begin the experience with an intentional consultation. I will guide you into clarity on your desires for this release. This will be followed by the relaxing, hands on healing while we shampoo at the wash station. We will then begin the releasing ritual with your hair cut. Finishing this experience, I will energetically cleanse you, complete with blowing out and styling your new embodied style. The hair will be sent with you if you desire to complete your process in your own time. Burning it or giving it to Mother Earth is recommended.

You will leave feeling lighter, free, at peace and confident moving forward with the space you’ve created and dense weight you’ve been carrying in your hair.

This healing hair color experience is what you want for a specialty color & cut to achieve the look you’re desiring.
You and I create your vision with an intentional consultation. 
I bring the the vision to life  and apply your custom color. 
Followed by a relaxing shampoo and hair treatment, infused with your intentions, aroma therapy, and healing touch. 
We complete the experience with a custom hair cut if needed and full style.

You will leave with a powerful inner dialogue, deeper embodiment of your fullest expression, and overall sense of peace. 

These sessions can help the individual learn how to be more conscious and proactive and create positive changes in their life, while healing on a mind, body and soul frequency.

Multiple beautiful modalities dance together to assist the individual in understanding soul’s original intent and remembering our oneness with Source.

During the Soul session often plant medicines, herbs and sound is used to support the healing with a variety of sound therapy. From the crystal alchemy sound bowls, Chimes, drums and much more. Sound therapy will raise your frequency and your vibrations while resetting and aligning your chakras aiding your journey. 

These powerful ceremonies are intuitively created to fit the needs and desires that are being calling in. These private settings are truly the most supportive and energetically focused. They are channeled, intentional and take place at the outdoor or indoor healing space in Southern Utah, guided by CheyAnne

In a ceremony setting, we enter an intentional container, choosing to be authentic, vulnerable, non-judgmental, compassionate, which allows peace and healing to enter the space. We are choosing to enter a space that has been dedicated to healing, release, self-discovery, understanding, and magick. We get to wittiness ourselves and others through the eyes of Spirit/God/Universe or anything that resonates for you. We are surrendering to the unknown, dancing within the familiar, experienced through connection, emotionality, sound healing, Mama Gaia, Source and plant guides.

There is no waitlist for Ceremonies and Soul Sessions

“I rarely go and do things for myself, but I needed a new hair style.  I made an appointment with CheyAnne and was the best decision ever.  The experience was amazing.I was able to relax and enjoy getting my hair done. We visited and solved some problems that energetically came up for me.  I was able to release negative energy and I came out with an awesome hair style.  I love that I can style it myself and it looks good.  I can do many different styles curl it, straighten it, air dry it, it is fun and so cute every day!  Thank you CheyAnne for giving me a new style and also a boost of confidence in life.”


“I enjoyed the drive to the salon, the wilderness really helped calm me down and feel like I was leaving the hustle and bustle behind. 

The salon was beautiful and I loved having the window views and the open windows especially. It’s always fun to chat and my hair turned out even better than I hoped (as always)!”


“CheyAnne is an impeccable stylist… my cut and color is tailored just for me every time. I feel amazing inside and out after each appointment. CheyAnne always makes me feel comfortable and seems to know exactly what my needs are… regarding how I want to feel and look. 

If I had a nickel for all the people who have asked me, who does your hair?  I’d have enough money for any one in the world to do my hair, and I would choose CheyAnne without hesitation.

I love the time I have with her.


“Getting my hair cut has caused a bit of anxiety lately but I felt calm as soon as I entered. Soft music, sweet smells and a smiling face was all I needed to know this was going to be fun! I love the essential oils and massage before my cut. The conversation was easy and I felt I was being heard on what I wanted for my hair. Thank you CheyAnne for a great cut and experience!”


“Oh my gosh! I totally forgot to tell ya yesterday, when you finished washing my hair and you were holding my head I literally felt your energy coming into me like sunshine rays. It was absolutely amazing!”


Through the years I have followed CheyAnne to and through 4 locations and Mystic Salon is the be all end all!  No detail has been overlooked. It’s your very own one stop shop… salon, spa, therapy, and healing, all in privacy. The one on one attention with zero interruptions is priceless. I am so happy that I get to participate in this new immersive experience every month and I look forward to it. 


It was a beautiful experience. I felt like I wasn’t rushed. I like being the only person in the room. I’m not sure what that says about me. Lol ! You’re doing a great job honey. And of course I love my hair color. Love, love the new space. I thought about it all day long!


Let’s Create together.