Energy Tool Kit

We live in a multidimensional universe. There are so many things seen and unseen. Everything is energy. The energy we have in ourselves, where we focus our energy, the energy we give away or receive, the energy we surround ourselves with. If we can truly grasp and understand how to create energy instead of being controlled by it then we can master our lives.

Where intention flows energy goes.

The law of attraction states that energy attracts to itself other energy with which its in vibrational resonance with. Align with the vibrational frequency of whatever it is you want to be, attract, have and do. We become what we consume. Be conscious and aware of what you continue to surround yourself with every day, and where you may be blocking yourself energetically.

In this Soul work book I share a few of my favorite ways to support my energy. I have also include a guided mediation to anchor and protect you. Bringing in peace, love and grounding energy.