Ceremonial Cacao

Channeled from Mindy West:

Cacao comes from the jungle to bring harmony to the planet. It does this through bringing harmony – internal balance – to each person that consumes it. The world is out of balance, and harmony is to be restored once again. Cacao is a fruit originally from Central and South America, commonly used to create chocolate.

The difference is the processing. When we say “cacao,” we refer to unprocessed paste of the cacao bean. The bitter beans are removed from the sweet outer fruit, toasted to remove the shell, and ground into a paste. This paste is then shipped as the final product, which you consume in food or as a drink.

Internally, cacao has many health benefits (natural superfood), but the biggest benefits are energetic. Cacao opens your heart and mind, allowing you to access deep parts of yourself lost long ago. It accelerates healing, creativity, focus, idea flow, and allows you to access areas within yourself you didn’t realize we’re there.

Cacao has been used for millennia by the ancients to open their heart and minds. Today is no different. In ceremony, the energy of cacao is intensified by the shaman or facilitator, for deep healing and inspiration.

Cacao is used to enhance the energy of the facilitator and open the participant to receive – removing barriers that are normally present. In ceremony, more energy can be moved than on your own. All ceremonies are different.

Intuitively create your own ceremony.

This is how cacao creates harmony within – by opening the heart, accessing deep within,  releasing inner pain and struggle. This allows for creativity and ideas to surface.All of this starts to happen the moment you interact with Cacao – the moment you take your first sip.

Is Cacao a superfood? Yes. Can it create better health? Absolutely. But the real benefits from this medicine are far beyond that.The real benefit is the internal transformation that occurs when you connect fully with the plant and receive her medicine.By creating an internal shift in each individual, the world returns to harmony once more.

Ceremonial Cacao is different from cacao powder you can buy in health food stores.

To start, it is the whole bean, ground down into a paste. It includes the cacao butter, a healthy fat.

Cacao powder has been separated from the butter, therefore only includes part of the food.Ceremonial cacao has the energetic properties mentioned in the previous section, where cacao powder does not.

Cacao powder has some of the superfood/health benefits, but it does not facilitate the heart opening and healing properties we desire.

Ceremonial Cacao is minimally processed and infused with love. From the moment of inception, the cacao is grown with one purpose – to hold energy of ceremony, healing, creativity, and focus.

By maintaining the integrity of the plant – keeping all parts of it together (paste vs powder), all the benefits are consumed.

When we drink it in ceremony or ritual, cacao becomes a medicine.

Precautions: If you are currently taking anti-depressants or anti-psychotics, start with a partial cup of cacao. A reaction can occur with the medicine which causes a horrible headache about five hours after consumption.

Cacao can cause a slight increase in your heart rate. If you have a heart condition, start with half a glass.If you don’t want to drink the cacao, that is fine! You can still join and receive the benefits.

Cacao is always optional.

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