Awakened Soul Discovery

Awakened Souls Discovery is a powerful group program created to help you to step into your passion in an intentional, grounded, and confident way. 

I believe that we cannot live our passion if we are not self-empowered, as self- expansion, empowerment and discovery creates happiness and clarity. This program will assist you in tapping into your creative side and owning your magic! Here, you will meet a part of you that you’ve never met before, a part of yourself deeper and more powerful than you could ever have imagined. Through this awakening, I will be holding space in your discovery and healing process. 

This spiritual transformation will take place in a live group setting, while I assist you in creating the life you’ve always dreamed of. This involves first mapping out your vision of the life you want and connecting to your future self. From there, we work on restoring your energy and implementing the changes that will take your life from one in which you’re merely surviving to one in which you’re absolutely thriving! 

  • Creation and expansion of self care and spiritual practices
  • Discovery and expansion of your heart space
  • Future Self connection
  • A clear understanding of what it means to be an energy sensitive person, what Clairs are how to protect your gifts and how to begin to work with them
  • A clear understanding how to clear, cleanse and protecting your energy and your space
  • How to connect to each of your bodies
  • Experience your chakras with your minds eye, while being connected and focused
  • Transformational healings, guided meditations, including a chakra explorations and clearing that will assist you in your spiritual expansion
  • Community support from like minded souls
  • So much more!


Awaken the life you envision | Embodiment connection | Ascend within Chakras 

Each video lesson is recorded, so you can watch it in the comfort of your home. Each module includes a healing and/or activation uniquely designed and will assist you in your awakening! These healings and activations will also help you release energetic blocks, including limiting beliefs, thoughts, and emotions so you can integrate high vibrational energies on a soul level, and so much more!  (value $387)


Where you will connect with me and with other kindred spirits on this life-changing journey in the private group, awakened soul discovery on facebook. You’ll have a safe sanctuary to ask questions, receive additional coaching, and discover more about your spiritual awakening!

BONUS #1 : Sacred Chakra Stones kit

A kit of crystals cleansed and charged especially for you! Kits will include 7 stones for each chakra, a card with each of the descriptions of stones and the Chakras they amplify and support, one stick of Selenite for clearing your stones and space. Mailed directly to you! ($77 value)

BONUS #2: Embodiment E-Booklet. 

Which includes mantras, affirmations for each chakra, clearing and cleansing your stones and space, ritual ideas and more! E-books are emailed directly to you, to keep on your phone or print for daily use on your journey! ($77 value)

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“I started this program completely lost, wondering if I was meant for anything or if I would ever get out of the abyss I felt like I was in. I am beginning to feel like I have control of [my energy]. I feel like I am capable of protecting myself better. This class taught me so much about myself that in the past I tried to reject because I didn’t understand it. I know who my ego is I accept her/him and I love working together. I know what Clairs are strong in me and I am working to fine tune them. I finally feel like my home is an energetic retreat from the business of this world because CheyAnne taught me how to create that. I am more confident and I trust the things that lure me in one direction or the other. I truly feel as if I am staring to toss and turn from the slumber I have been in and I have a long journey ahead but CheyAnne has helped me to find the create a path at which to start.”

Ramsey Matheson

“When I started this experience, I was lost, I was heavy. I was struggling to cope with so many things. I had become numb, exhausted, and living every day on auto pilot. I still have days with many of these feelings, but this experience has brought a beam of light into my darkness. Enough light to make me WANT to enjoy this life and journey again. Enough light, I knew I could find the power to heal myself, and WANT to heal. Healing isn’t easy or pretty, And I still feel like I’m drowning in the mess of it all sometimes, but this experience and community has helped me get my light back, even if it’s still small and dim, I know the sparks can only get brighter from here.”

Rikki Jade